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Contributing to the TechThought.org Community



Thank you for supporting our community of Tech-minded 😉 trusted advisors sharing unbiased knowledge and experience(s).    Whether first-hand accounts, long-term assessments, or simply deep thoughts / insights regarding paradigm shifts and/or how Technology is/ can/ will impact the world around us, this community is interested in hearing about them !

As such, since going live we’ve received many requests related to the following 2 Questions :

“How can I contribute to TechThought.org, and get my content published ?”

As we’ve become more established and have started to widen our horizons (with a ton of new content being finalized), we’re happy to say that we are opening the door to accept and consider high-quality content for publication ! 🙂

We understand how powerful the impact and exposure of having an article published can be in extending your personal platform across a larger and more diverse audience.   The beauty in publishing your work is that it’s a permanent contribution to the field that can be later extended or updated, and can immediately be added to a resume.

This is but a small fraction of the ultimate impact you can have on the lives and creativity of countless others, by sharing your experiences, first-hand knowledge, and expertise.    Add to this the forum that will open up to you as your network expands, gaining additional feedback and insight yourself from others around the globe.   This type of open community experience in and of itself can be tremendous.   With that said, we will only publish high quality content, but are willing to work with you along this process.

Please read our Contributor Guidelines and Recommendations for a clear understanding of where and how to get your content submitted, along with our process for reviewing and accepting/approving content for publication.

Note that for any submissions via email [to techthought.org@gmail.com], the subject line must read “Content Proposal: LastName, First: Title / Format” (where Format is either an : article, podcast, video, tutorial, book review, or interview) along with attachment(s).

The second most popular question has been ..

“How can I contribute financially to your efforts and help the cause ?”

While we have been offered venture capital funding opportunities, up to this point we still value our freedom and flexibility to uphold our mission statement.   Depending on future offers and scenario’s, we will entertain any reasonable opportunities, but are presently working diligently to continue with our organic growth and momentum.

However, if you enjoy our content and would like to see more of it, we will be accepting online monetary Contributions (Donations) in the near future.    In the interim, we can accept donations via our PayPal (or Venmo) accounts by emailing and coordinating and exchanging contact info with us at : techthought.org@gmail.com or direct messaging on Twitter to be called directly.

Either way, YOUR contributions ensure that we can keep providing (and expanding) the quality and quantity of unbiased content and analysis that makes us unique.


Lastly, in the future we will be making FREE SWAG available for those of you that contribute in one form or another (stickers, books, T-Shirts ?), with the ability to purchase by others.   Let us know what would be of interest, or if you have any recommendations.

On behalf of the enlarged TechThought.org community, we collectively thank you for being a part of this extended family.. where sharing experience and insight related to Technology is always welcome !!


All content and comments made are that of the author, and not of current nor past employers.

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