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*COMING SOON* : The 2020 TechThought Cloud Industry Report


COMING SOON :   **2020**

The inaugural edition of our “2020 TechThought Cloud Industry Report“.

Given that several announcements were coming in late ’19, it was determined to push this date beyond 2019 so that we could offer the latest end of year guidance.   It was also determined to publish in more than 1 article to avoid inundating readers (TLDR) with too much verbosity to digest in one report.

This should be the first report of it’s kind to offer a comprehensive (and “vendor neutral”) annual examination of Cloud related Technology & Trends, along with their relationship across Vendor/Provider offerings.    Information like this can and should be part of a recurring Enterprise Architecture & Continuous Improvement cycle within any company (to ensure that strategy, current initiatives, and future architectures are targeting the optimal technology to maximize disruptive/ competitive advantages).

Our analysis will showcase both evolutionary progressions and/or revolutionary paradigm shifts in the industry, from the perspective of several key vantage points :

  • Technology & Trends, showing any new innovations, along with shifts in adoption, and Business disruption (+/-).. regarding :
    • New Technology (and associated trends in adoption)
    • Architecture, Development, and Operational Frameworks/ Services/ Tools
    • Products & Solution Offerings
    • Service Models
    • Deployment Models
  • Vendor / Provider Comparisons (Strengths / Pro’s / Con’s), & Targeted Recommendations
    • Products
    • Portfolio’s
    • Solution Offerings
    • Partnerships
    • Strengths & Weaknesses
    • Roadmaps & Future Guidance
    • Financial YOY Reporting


Share your thoughts with us regarding ideas, specific recommendations, and/ or requests.   This could result in a more frequent (Quarterly / Monthly) recap, but feedback is needed.

Until then .. Happy Computing !

Todd Jobson

Co-Founder & CTO


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