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About us .. the TechThought.org charter.



About us .. the TechThought.org Charter

Like no other time in the history of computing, today’s technology industry is evolving and undergoing several inter-related “paradigm shifts” that will reshape the competitive landscape.   As with all new technology, we need to bypass the industry “hype” in order to expose the reality (caveats, challenges, costs, & benefits).   Maintaining a firm grasp on (and understanding of) how new or Emerging Technology can/will disrupt business (+/-) is the first critical step toward continuously revising business strategy, operating models, and digital transformation objectives.   TechThought.org is taking on this challenge as outlined below.

Our charter can be summarized as follows :

TechThought.org is a technology-centric “think-tank”, setup to offer and publish high quality, insightful, (vendor-NEUTRAL) content based upon in-depth research and experience.   In addition, we will offer aggregation of some of the top trending industry news and social media within one central location (https://techthought.org).   

Other ventures will be considered, such as publishing books (print & e-book formats), as well as filing targeted patents, and/or external consulting as described below.

The core focus areas related to content and research include all forms of Compute, Information Technology (IT), & Emerging Tech (ET), with a comprehensive analysis and deeper dive across the following categories :

Note that we continue to expand the scope of our content given that today’s technology rapidly and more pervasively has become a large component of our daily lives (Smart phones / homes / cars / AV-streaming/ AI- assistants/ E-banking, etc).

As part of growing the TechThought.org community and fulfilling a frequent request, we recently have opened the doors to accept high quality content for publication !

(*See our Contributors Page)

As the volume of content grows, we will begin publishing select extended topics in book/ebook format, creating podcasts, technology & book reviews, targeted interviews, as well as offering a monthly newsletter that you can subscribe to.

Having decades of experience within some of the largest Enterprise Mission Critical environments and Global deployments (across many industry’s such as Telco, BioTech/Pharma, Power/Utility, Insurance, Financial, ..), we are also willing to consider leveraging our expertise and knowledge by providing services such as :

  • Consultation and Strategic advisory (Enterprise Architecture, Cloud Enablement & Architecture, Business Digital Transformation, etc)
  • Develop “vendor-neutral” competitive analysis white-papers and/or reports.
  • Corporate/ conference presentations
  • Facilitate “Executive Round-table” or “Voice of the Customer” discussions

.. and depending on the logistics/requirements will also consider :

  • Facilitating discovery sessions (Strategic Visioning, TCO Analysis, Current State Architecture & Future Req’s/Obj’s)
  • Targeted Assessments (leading to proposed “vendor-neutral” Tactical+Strategic Recommendations, & Future State Architectures, Roadmaps..)

We welcome your feedback, comments, and/or recommendations for continuously improving our service to you !

Todd Jobson, Sr. ; MBA
Co-Founder and CTO



All content and comments made are that of Todd A. Jobson, Sr., TechThought.org,  and not of current nor past employers.

Copyright© 2017-2019 Todd A. Jobson & TechThought.org ; All Rights Reserved *


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